Spoiler free synopsis: The team needs to prove to the world they are a force for good and decide to rescue hostages in a forgotten part of the world.

Opening Scene


Veronika: She’s evidence that all these transformation viruses were pure experimental, was she meant to be a power house brutal warrior? No one knows. Despite her mouth full of giant sharp teeth and giant size and musculature, her nature is contradictory to her appearance, she is kind, protective and motherly and one of the most brilliant minds of her time. Marfa stands next to her for size comparison.


Annik: She is clever and talented and has precise and strong psychical abilities. Her vision is amazing she can read a book off her peripheral vision or see in near total darkness. She’s yet unable to see when she’s being played, it’s all in her naive trusting nature. Her sisters need to show her how to spot a charmer.


Marfa: Like her other sisters she started off as a skunk kit and aged into a human, she’s very street smart but occasionally has difficulties with the spoken language. She tends to be antisocial and shy but she won’t hesitate to help others especially if it means fighting off trouble makers. She is very comfortable with being homeless, but she does take care of her appearance.


Zasha: She has the ability to sense things most are not aware,  a person’s health, earthquakes, 3 seconds into the future. She says we all experience reality 3 seconds late because of the speed that we travel in the universe. Her failing, however, could be some kind of anti PTSD built in, she tends to forget anything traumatic. Basically this girl can see into the future but can’t see her past.


Violet: A nanny panda bot designed to take care of infants and children, she was once sabotaged with explosives placed in her body meant to assassinate the paternal owner. Having discovered the device inside her she ran away from all humans in an abandon junk yard till she was discovered and saved by Marfa and has been part of the Dragon Skunk family ever since.

I have a voice actress already for her but I want to save the true voice and dialog for the main feature. This is to test her android motion ability even when using mocap presets and to calibrate her mouth light materials to look convincing.